Just like most other parts of the car, air-conditioning system needs regular attention to ensure it continues to work efficiently and effectively.
Up to 10% of air-con gas can be lost from the system over a 12 month period. This results in it gradually becoming less effective. To ensure it works as expected we recommend your system is regassed every 2 years.
The process involves removing the old refrigerant gas and and oil form the system and then replacing it with new refrigerant and lubricant. We then go onto check the system to ensure there are no cracks or damage to the air con system that could be causing gas to leak out. The process usually only takes about an hour and is certainly worthwhile if you haven’t recharged it in the past few years. Not only will it affect fuel efficiency but bacterial build up in the system could be contributing to bad odours.
The recharge process is relatively simple and involves removing any old refrigerant gas and oil from your air-con system before replacing this with the correct amount of new refrigerant and lubricant as per your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation. A vacuum test is also performed to ensure there are no cracks or damage in your air-conditioning system that could cause the gas to leak out.